Acts as both a preventive and problem-solving measure for odour control in a waste water treatment process.


Ammonia Control

An improper balance between the organic waste and the bacteria will result in fouling due to the amount of decayed organics and will release ammonia as a by-product. The chemistry of the product will bind with the nitrogen waste from producing ammonia to prevent foul odour.

Acids – Alkali Buffering

While binding with nitrogen waste to prevent ammonia formation it will at the same time reduce the ammonia alkali. This will contribute to a stable and neutral pH value.

Bacteria Proliferation Enhancement

The unique chemistry of the product that buffered the waste in the system with a balance pH will create a more suitable environment for the Digestive Bacteria to grow and multiply to digest more waste in the system; creating a natural digestive cycle.


Herbal-based Odour Controller
Waste water treatment system, drainage, garbage bins, toilets and other fouling areas.
Herbal-based Deodorizer
Enclosed areas, washrooms, curtains, carpets