The Environmentally Friendly Way to Clean Oil, Grease, Fats and Grime

  • Non – Toxic
  • Non – Hazardous
  • Non – Flammable
  • Non – Caustic
  • Readily Bio Degradable


  • Will enhance natural bacteria found in waste water treatment system, septic tanks, sewer systems, drain lines, grease traps and clarifiers
  • Eliminates foul odour safely without masking them with heavy perfumes
  • Liquid concentrate
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Rinses film free, leaving no residue
  • Non streaking
  • Meets Department of Livestock Development Policy (FDA equivalent)
  • Easily removes heavy odour from utensils


Target Application:

Daily Use – Kitchen cleaning for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes

Heavy Duty – Cleaning of the equipment and parts in the food processing line